Developing new products, methods and technologies in the range of phosphorescending materials is one of our competences.

With our know-how we support our clients from the start of a project up to the scale of an industrial production. Our objective is to work out a joint and sustainable solution with our clients.

3D printing

In the meantime, we can also offer the use of the new technologies of 3D printing for the creation of prototypes. 3D printing enables in the comparison with existing technologies as injection molding a faster and more cost-efficient production of a prototype. That allows us to test in a fast and uncomplicated manner the design, the effect and the feeling of an application or even produce a small batch series.


Our quality control laboratory is equipped with all the instruments to measure low level brightness. We can measure your luminous components to assist you in the quality control and give you some advices about the quality.

We do offer measurement and specification of photometric parameters and we do work out ideal conditions for activation and   emission. The certification happens at DIN 67 510.