Tripping in the dark or in case of a power failure can be dangerous! Thresholds, transitions or escape routes can be easily marked with our STORELITE® afterglow dispersion or our STORELITE® 2-K paint system and prevent emergencies or accidents in the dark.

In addition, the phosphorescent luminous paint makes it easy to conjure up an entire starry sky on the ceiling in the children's room or use it in other creative ways.

STORELITE® phosphorescending dispersion
STORELITE® Afterglow Dispersion is an environmentally friendly water-dilutable dispersion based on acrylate. It is solvent-free, contains no environmentally harmful pigments and is non-toxic. After sufficient excitation with natural or artificial light, coatings provide emergency lighting in the event of light failure over a longer period of time, enabling perfect orientation.

The luminous intensity is mainly determined by the size of the surface and the layer thickness. In general, white, matt dispersions or primers are recommended, as a white background allows maximum reflection and thus ensures maximum persistence intensity of the paint.

STORELITE® two-component varnish
The STORELITE® two-component varnish is based on polyurethane. Applied with a spray pistol on a white ground, the performance will even improve for a maximum in after glowing.

Our two-component varnish can be mechanically stressed and has still a very strong adhesion and hardness. If you cover it with an additional protective paint, the varnishing will be non-soiling and easy to clean.