STORELITE®-Compound and -Masterbatch

For the plastics industry we supply STORELITE® Compound and STORELITE® Masterbatch, which are produced according to customers' specifications. STORELITE® Compound is a ready-for-use molding material, which contains afterglow (phosphorescent) pigment in different concentrations. STORELITE® Masterbatch contains phosphorescent pigment in a high concentration and can be mixed with compatible thermoplastics for processing.

Basically all thermoplastics are suitable as carrier material for STORELITE® Compound or STORELITE® Masterbatch, provided that the material is transparent or translucent. Pre-colored plastics are unsuitable, as normally well covering dyes are used, which would block the excitation and afterglow mechanism.

Items manufactured from STORELITE® Compound glow in the dark. Thus the functionality of pieces, operating devices and markings may be remarkably increased.

We are offering STORELITE® Compounds and Masterbatches in two different series:

STORELITE® HS (High Sensitive)

  • for weaker, longer-wave excitation light

  • higher initial brightness at partial excitation

  • mainly for indoor applications


  • for bright short-wave excitation light

  • higher initial brightness at full excitation

  • mainly for outdoor applications

  • higher long lasting afterglow

Often, the design requires a different color than the original yellowish-green body color (daylight appearance). Colorings are possible, but one should be aware, that any coloring reduces the afterglow performance more or less, depending on the shade of color. Therefore a compromise about functionality (afterglow performance) and design has to be found.

The pigment concentration in the finished product should be 5% - 25%. For high performance applications we recommend a content of 20% - 25%.

Because of their hardness, the pigments contained in STORELITE® Compound are very abrasive. Therefore the material should be processed with armored tools only.

Our standard range comprises STORELITE® Compound with ABS, PA, PC, PMMA und PP as well as STORELITE® Masterbatch with EVA und TPE as carrier material. However, generally we supply compound which is manufactured according to customers› specifications, regarding carrier material, as well as pigment grade and concentration and coloring if any. Furthermore, we offer a service for photometric and color measurement of the phosphorescent parts.

STORELITE® Compounds and Masterbatches are absolutely free from radioactive substances, lead, cadmium and chromium pigments and are physiologically non-hazardous. For food applications the relevant tests have to be performed.

More detailed information you will find in our catalog for STORELITE® Compounds und  STORELITE® Masterbatches.