RC Tritec Ltd and Phosphorescence

RC Tritec Ltd. is a typical Swiss small/medium scale company with more than 80 years tradition. We are a highly qualified and motivated team to cooperate with you. It all started in 1934 with luminous pigments for the watch industry.

During all these past years, we have been developing new and safer types of luminous materials and importing our knowledge in new activities and products. Today, we are proud to have great competence in various products and Technologies. From the strongest afterglow we offer our customers a broad range of high end products. 

After glowing, phosphorescent materials receive their characteristic glowing due to a phosphorescending pigment: a strontium aluminate, doped with rare earth metals.

The Phosphorescence is a kind of energy supply. This requires the existence of saved or the supply of energy. Strontium-Aluminate gets the supply of energy by artificial light or sunlight, which is loading up the crystals. The best effect is shown with short-waving light with a high rate of ultraviolet light. The energy of the impacting light is transferring the electrons on a higher energy level. Afterwards the electrons are decreasing to the original and lower energy level by emitting the saved energy through visible light to the environment.  This cycle is a physical and unlimited repeatable cycle. The pigments are neither maturing, nor are they losing luminance, as long as they are not going to be destroyed by chemical impacts. The phosphorescending pigments are clear of any radioactivity.