Frequently asked questions

Do STORELITE® products glow all night long?

The light duration depends on the pigment concentration, type of pigment and layer thickness.

In standard applications, the burn time is several hours.


Are any colour shades/colourings available?

Usually certain standard colours are available, their concentration varies from light to dark.


Does the object always have a white background?

The white background reflects the light and increases the luminosity.


Does the luminosity wear off over time?

No, it can be repeated as often as desired without loss of luminosity.


How must the object be activated for it to glow enough?

Activation can be done with daylight or with a lamp. The duration of the exposure is decisive for the intensity of the afterglow.


Which media can Storelite® pigments be incorporated into?

In thermoplastics, thermosets, dispersions, 2-component paints, escape route markings, etc.


How high are the pigments heat-resistant?

Up to 500°C